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Woodland Wildlife

There are lots of different animals that you can find in the forest.

Small Animals

With so much moss and leaflitter covering the forest floor this makes it the perfect home for lots of smaller animals. Some of these are more common like field voles and wood mice and you might see them darting across the path. Sometimes if you're really lucky you might see a stoat or a weasel out exploring. These hunt the mice and voles but they have to feed their families too. Hedgehogs are much rarer but they are there. They are nocturnal (they sleep all day and explore at night) but sometimes they can still be seen during the day. Red foxes are the largest predator we have on the island but unlike the foxes you get in the city these ones are a lot more shy.


We have lots of Roe deer in the forest and it’s pretty easy to identify their tracks if you find them. Here are some guides with information on Roe deer and Red deer. If you're quiet moving through the forest you might even spot a deer! The smaller deer you will see in the forest are Roe deer and the much bigger ones are Red deer. Red deer are Scotland's largest native land mammal! They are shy so they won't stick around for long when they spot you! Sometimes if Roe deer are startled they will even let our a bark sound!

Remember to always be respectful of the wildlife as the woodland is their home.

If you want to find out more about mammals on the island of Bute you can visit Bute Museum or check out their website here.