Moss Pano 2 cut2

Off Grid Huts

We are excited to say that there are plans for two new off-grid huts coming to our community forest.

The moss wood has historically been home to off-grid huts as early charcoal makers would set up camp in the birch woodland while they worked. This helped inspire the design of our huts as they will be stained a charcoal colour and blend in with the surrounding woodland. The surrounding paths to these huts were the very same used by the forests early inhabitants. From these paths you can connect to the West Island Way along with other smaller walks around the moss wood.

Although nestled in the birch woodland, the huts are only a very short walk away from the sea where you can take in stunning views of the Kyles of Bute or take a walk along the beach if you're fancying a change from the woodland walks.

These huts will be situated in a quieter North end off the moss wood and provide the full woodland camping experience with the added benefit of warmth and shelter (and protection from the midges!) all year round. We hope that the huts can be used by both islanders wanting a holiday close to home and tourists visiting the island alike. Each hut sleeps 2 adults and 2 children and comes furnished as well as having a log burner stove. Each hut has it's own composting toilet hut next to it and carparking is available on site.

We are hopeful that the off-grid huts will be available to rent from late summer 2022.